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Our job is to collectively empower, motivate, encourage, and inspire one another to want to learn and achieve!  Continuous self-improvement is what we value.

School Literacy Goals

School Math Goals

Dreambox Support

School Forms

Important Dates

May 4- Dragon's Den Assembly

     Kinder/Pr  9:15; Jr/Int 9:50

May 4- Silver Birch Conference

May 7- Gr. 1, 2 & 3S to Safety Village

May 8- Gr. 1/2, 2/3, 3L to Safety Village

May 9- Gr. 4 to Water Festival

May 10- School Council Luncheon

May 10- School Track and Field

May 11- Badminton Pres.

May 15- Mad Science Gr. 2,4

May 17- Track & Field @ Centennial

May 18- PD Day (no school)

May 21- Victoria Day

May 22-June 1- Gr. 3&6 EQAO

May 23- 7 & 8's to Eastdale

Snack Shack

May 3, 10, 17, 24

Hot Lunch

May 2,9,16,23,30

Diamond Trail Public School

Diamond Trail Public School - Home of the Dragons

Diamond Trail Public School was officially opened Sept. 3, 2013. The school was built as a result of the amalgamation of students from Crowland Central Public School, Mathews Public School and a portion of Princess Elizabeth Public School. The name Diamond Trail originates from a railway junction that existed 500 meters from the school property. The junction was an intersection of rail lines that extended to the three school communities Diamond Trail serves. The intersection when looked at from above formed the shape of a diamond and was referred to as the "Welland Diamond". The diamond is the most precious gem that represents strength, brilliance and resilience. All of these qualities are reflected in the children we serve at Diamond Trail Public School.

Diamond Trail provides an outstanding educational experience for every student.  Innovative programs are taught by our

dedicated and professional staff who are passionate about kids and who are committed to the teaching, learning and achieving

agenda.  Our school provides a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities that encourage the development of values such as

excellence, integrity, sportsmanship and respect.